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Management engineer with roots and a peasant soul. Handyman within the farm and agritourism. Passionate about cooking and spreading traditions.

Naturopath and hatha yoga teacher. Lover of animals, long walks in nature and constructive relationships between humans and the surrounding environment.


In the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, among lush forests and sinuous hills, lies the Agriturismo Prato del Re. Its history has deep roots in the three "Rs" that guide every step: slow down, breathe and laugh more. From an ancient ruin, transformed with love and commitment, a vision of new life was born. Here, the renovation of the farm has embraced the organic method, respecting biodiversity and animal welfare.

"Welcome to the place where the simplicity and beauty of rural life blend harmoniously."

The family home has become a welcoming refuge, while the ancient buildings have been transformed into spaces dedicated to hospitality. The desire to share local experiences and traditions with people lives in every corner of the farm. Here time stops and breathing slows down, allowing visitors to reconnect with themselves and the surrounding nature. Excursions through woods and gullies, regenerating rides and moments of relaxation are part of the experience offered.